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Stakhanov Mayor to Sell All Remaining TrolleyBuses

Mayor of Stakhanov Yuriy Borisov decided to sell three remaining trolleybuses to the town of Antratsit. He intends to gain one million hryvnas for them. According to the mayor, trolleybuses provide transportation for about 40 persons only.

“We cannot afford ourselves three trolleybuses servicing just 43 people. Trolley line is in critical condition, it has lowered for 20-50 centimetres. Its supporting structures have rotted away. There is no technical possibility to put trolleybuses on route. We are going to discuss the decision to sell the machines at the next session. Several towns of the region are interested to buy them. Thus, we’ll be able to return debts to investors who provided funds for paying wages. Remaining finances will be used for repair of buildings,” Yuriy Borisov said.

According to the mayor, buses will be used instead of trolleybuses. Two ‘Etalon’ buses have already arrived to Stakhanov. Eighteen units of transport will be purchased in total. They will also replace minibuses.
“Our task and prospect is to create municipal bus fleet working with persons entitled to different benefits including schoolchildren. These buses will cover not only Stakhanov, but also towns of Almaznaya and Irmino (former Teplogorsk). Till the end of the year we are going to form a transport enterprise independent of donations from town budget. It will be self-supporting and profitable organization making money by leasing and transportation services,” mayor of Stakhanov said.





Most Successful Ukrainian Companies According to Forbes

Forbes magazine published the list of the most successful Ukrainian enterprises. Lugansk region is widely presented in there.

Lugansk Energy Interconnection Company takes the 64th line with income of UAH 3.4 billion and profit of UAH 30 million. Severodonetsk Azot Chemical Plant holds position no. 70. Its income is UAH 3.3 billion, nowever enterprise has loss of UAH 345 million. Position no. 79 is occupied by Stakhanov Railway Car Building Works with income of UAH 2.6 billion and profit of UAH 261 million. Lia Ltd Holding, the owner of ‘Absolyut’ supermarket chain, holds the 163rd position. Income is UAH 1.3 billion, profit is UAH 26 million. Rubezhnoye Cardboard & Package Mill is on the 171st place with income of UAH 1.2 billion and profit of UAH 228 million. Position no. 176 is held by Lugansk Tube Plant. Its income in 2010 is UAH 1.1 billion. However, the enterprise gained no profit and closed fiscal year with loss of UAH 26 million. The list also includes large Ukrainian holdings with assets in Lugansk region: Metinvest (number one in the list) with PJSC Krasnodonugol, IUD Corporation (the sixth place) with PJSC Alchevsk Iron & Steel Works, and others.





Japanese Invest into Lugansk Region’s Ecology

Japanese company Marubeni Corporation considers the possibility to realize project of electric power production utulizing methane known in our region as mine gas. It was revealed by the general manager of the company Kunio Matsumoto at the II International Investment Forum in Lugansk.

Kunio Matsumoto stressed that Marubeni Corporation had already started implementing one project within Kyoto Protocol in Lugansk region. The project provides treatment (demineralization) of mine water up to the drinking level.
Marubeni Corporation intends to construct water treatment plant at the Voykova mine in Sverdlovsk. The Japanese are ready to invest UAH 67 million into the project.

The project will provide 11,400 cubic metres of drinking water daily, which is 50% of total Sverdlovsk’s needs.
General manager of Japanese company hopes the project will make the ecological situation in Lugansk region better and solve the local problem with water supply.





Crucified Miner

Aleksandr Redkin, the Honoured Artist of Ukraine, presented his new sculpture ‘Restructuring’ at the exhibition of the National Union of Artists in Lugansk. Sculpture is a miner crucified on a cross. There are symbolic mines piled under his feet. ‘Irmino’, ‘Toshkovskaya’, ‘Kirova’ – all these and many more mines were closed under the pretence of restructuring. According to the author, the work reflects his vision of how the state authorities manage mining industry.

In his bitterness artist told about deserted settlements, abandoned homes and people seeking for means of living abroad. “Mass closure of mines is not a restructuring. They simply sell them as scrap metal,” he said. “It is wrong to compare such settlements as Vrubovka and Belorechenka. The first one is almost empty after the closure of the mine, and the latter is full of life, a lot of children there.” According to Aleksandr Redkin, this tragedy is a result of so-called restructuring.

The second work of Aleksandr Redkin also dedicated to miners. Its name is ‘Home Alive’. It symbolizes safe return of husbands and sons home to their families after work.

“I wanted to pay tribute to miners. Their life is very hard and dangerous. I know this for sure as my father was a miner, my brothers and nephews are miners too,” the sculptor told journalists.





Tymoshenko found guilty, sentenced to seven years in prison

Pechersky District Court in Kyiv has found Ukraine’s former prime minister and leader of the Batkivschyna party Yulia Tymoshenko guilty of exceeding her authority while signing gas contracts with Russia, and sentenced her to seven years in prison.

Tymoshenko’s prison term starts on August 5, when the former premier was taken into custody in the courtroom.
Tymoshenko was also banned from holding public office for three years.

“Bearing in mind the fact that the court has not established any circumstances aggravating or mitigating Tymoshenko’s punishment, and given the heightened social danger of the crime committed by Tymoshenko, her personality and the absence of any penitence on her part, the court sees no grounds to hand down a more lenient sentence,” Judge Rodion Kireyev, the court’s chairman, said while pronouncing the verdict on Tuesday, October 11.

Court orders Tymoshenko to repay Naftogaz Ukrainy’s losses

Pechersky District Court of Kyiv has satisfied a claim by the national gas company Naftogaz Ukrainy demanding that ex-premier of Ukraine and leader of the Batkivschyna Party Yulia Tymoshenko repay Naftogaz’s loss of around UAH 1.5 billion.

“After analyzing all the evidence in the case, the court has concluded that the claim of Naftogaz Ukrainy for the recovery of losses and the amount of these losses should be satisfied, because there exists a connection between Tymoshenko’s criminal activities and the losses, and their amount is fully confirmed by the evidence presented in court,” Judge Rodion Kireyev said while reading out the court’s verdict.

EU deeply disappointed with Tymoshenko’s verdict

The EU is deeply disappointed with the verdict of Kyiv’s Pechersky District Court in the case of former Ukrainian Premier Yulia Tymoshenko and calls on the Ukrainian authorities to ensure a fair, transparent and impartial process in any appeal in the case.

A statement of EU High Representative Catherine Ashton reads that “the verdict comes after a trial which did not respect the international standards as regards fair, transparent and independent legal process, which I repeatedly called for in my previous statements.”

“This unfortunately confirms that justice is being applied selectively in politically motivated prosecutions of the leaders of the opposition and members of the former government. It is especially disappointing for a country that currently holds the Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe,” reads Ashton’s statement.
In connection with this, the EU High Representative called on the Ukrainian authorities to ensure a fair, transparent and impartial process in any appeal in the case of Tymoshenko.

“The right of appeal should not be compromised by imposing limitations on the defendants’ ability to stand in future elections in Ukraine, including the parliamentary elections scheduled for next year. The way the Ukrainian authorities are generally respecting universal values and rule of law, and specifically how they are handling these cases, risks having profound implications for the EU-Ukraine bilateral relationship, including for the conclusion of the Association Agreement, our political dialogue and our co-operation more broadly,” reads the statement.

Tymoshenko verdict signal to all Ukrainian officials breaking law

Ukrainian parliamentarian (the Party of Regions faction) and member of the Parliamentary Committee for Legal Policy Vladyslav Zabarsky said he is certain that the verdict against ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko will be a signal to all officials about imminent punishment for abuse of office.

“A precedent has been set for Ukraine, when a high-ranking official was prosecuted and convicted for her unlawful actions. Ukraine has not seen anything like that before,” the politician said on Tuesday, October 11, commenting on the verdict issued by the Pechersky District Court in Kyiv.

He was quoted by the Party of Regions’ press office.

It is a signal to officials that by abusing their office they break the law and the punishment will be imminent, regardless of their political allegiance, Zabarsky said.

“The verdict in the Yulia Tymoshenko case will come into effect either after the deadline for submitting an appeal expires, or after the decision is made by the court of appeal. Today, one can say with confidence that the defense team of the former prime minister will certainly appeal against the verdict with the court of appeal. And the court of appeal will check how lawfully the judge acted in making this decision and whether the investigation of the defense and prosecution arguments was objective and comprehensive,” he said.

News according to Interfax-Ukraine

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